Benefits being the EDC member

  • All EDC procured projects to be executed via workforce of EDC member companies.
  • EDC advocacy positively affects your bottom line.
  •  EDC networking directly allows you to be in the center of the game.
  • EDC Investment Focus will create partnerships and other skill based opportunities for your company.

Criteria to be a member

  1. The application should be from an association or organization. Individuals are not accepted.
    • Either one of the following should suit your organization:
    • Government agency working on energy
    • Private company developing energy projects (for hydro-power projects, company must have either completed at least one hydro-project or received financial closure for at least one hydro-power project).
    • Publicly listed financial institution lending fin the energy sector.
    • Energy Funds.
    • Energy Associations.
    • An organization working in the (hydro, wind, solar, biogas, biomass, waste energy, geothermal or oil sectors)
  2. All Membership application is subjected to EDC board approval.Membership fee is NRs. 1,00,000  for corporate member and NRs. 25,000  for associate member.
  3. All Membership application is subjected to EDC board approval.


Our Current Members


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