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Energy Security amidst National Emergency by Mr. Anjal Niraula, CEO, Gham Power Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

E-Newsletter | Issue 64
March, 2020

Interaction Program on Draft Electricity Bill 2076

E-Newsletter | Issue 63
February, 2020

Visit of Counsellor of Embassy of Japan in Nepal to EDC

E-Newsletter | Issue 62
January, 2020

Provide Easy Loans for EV Charging Station

E-Newsletter | Issue 61
December, 2019

Editorial by Mr. Jiwan Kumar Mallik 
The Current Need of Nepal – Quality and Secure Electricity Access

E-Newsletter | Issue 60
November, 2019

Chinese Investment in Nepal’s Hydro Sector – Interview

Mr. Sujit Acharya, Chairman of EDC and Mr. Chhabi Raj Pokhrel, CEO of Hydroelectricity Investment Development Company Limited (HIDCL) interviews by Business Plus.

E-Newsletter | Issue 59
October, 2019

EDC in collaboration with International Centre of Hydropower (ICH), Norway is organizing a one day training workshop on Regional Energy Cooperation on 11th November, 2019.

E-Newsletter | Issue 58
September, 2019

Taking Nepal’s Energy Sector Forward to International Best Practices

E-Newsletter | Issue 57
August, 2019

Nepalis are Consuming 38 percent more Electricity than Two Years Ago

E-Newsletter | Issue 56
July, 2019

Electric Vehicle Promotion Conference 2019

E-Newsletter | Issue 55
June, 2019

“Increase customs duties on petroleum vehicles by 200% to bring Electric Age in Nepal”
Chairman of EDC, Mr. Sujit Acharya along with the President of EVAN Mr. Umesh Raj Shrestha              interviewed by Energy Focus.

E-Newsletter | Issue 54
May, 2019

Lighting the Rural Future” by Mr. Bishal Thapa

E-Newsletter | Issue 53
April, 2019

Forest & Land Issues in Hydropower Project Development organized by EDC scheduled for 12th April, 2019.

E-Newsletter | Issue 52
March, 2019

“Financing micro-grid projects for the underserved communities in Nepal” by Mr. Sarbagya R. Tuladhar

E-Newsletter | Issue 51
February, 2019

“Is Development Process on Track? ” by Dr. Atma Ram Ghimire

E-Newsletter | Issue 50
January, 2019

“This capacity building has largely been for the benefit of government staffers — not private developers or lenders. The downside of this approach is that it builds capacity on one  side of the table only — the government. That is not enough.”

E-Newsletter | Issue 49
December, 2018

EDC in association with International Centre for Hydropower (ICH), Norway and Nepal Bankers’ Association (NBA), supported by USAID’s Nepal Hydropower Development Project (NHDP), Norad, IFC, Butwal Power Company (BPC) successfully concluded the five days training workshop on “Hydropower Financing and Risk Management in Nepal, 2018”

E-Newsletter | Issue 48
November, 2018

“For the past couple of years, things are moving in the positive direction in Nepal especially in the power sub-sector. As per Nepal Government’s plan and program in 2018, emphasis will be given to the development and expansion of hydroelectricity and all types of renewable energy to provide clean energy to all Nepali household within the coming three years and to avail electricity to all households as per demand within the next five years. “

E-Newsletter | Issue 47
October, 2018

EPC + Finance
In an EPC arrangement the contractor is fully responsible for Engineering, Procurement and Construction necessary for the Project. If in the EPC arrangement, the Contractor further undertakes to finance the Project, then such arrangement is called EPC plus (+) F. The ‘+F’ implies that Contractor is additionally required to arrange the finance required to construct the undertaking.

E-Newsletter | Issue 46
September, 2018

Embassy of Bangladesh to Nepal in partnership with Energy Development Council (EDC) and Independent Power Producer’s Association, Nepal (IPPAN) organized an Interaction Session on “Power Sector Cooperation Between Bangladesh and Nepal” on August 10th 2018 at Hotel Hyatt Regency, Bouddha, Kathmandu.

E-Newsletter | Issue 45
August, 2018

“Good laws that incentivize and ease doing business helps rapid economic development. However, there are huge challenges for investors in the hydropower sector particularly because of major structural flaws in laws and regulations that do not create the right incentive, and implement complex legal framework with excessive red tape.”

E-Newsletter | Issue 44
July, 2018

“We can’t export hydro power to India sitting in a hill top in Nepal and hoping that the Indian envoy will show up with a bag full of cash to buy our exports. Nepal will have to take the fight into the Indian market place. We will have to create our own opportunities. “

E-Newsletter | Issue 43
June, 2018

“Bringing in private sector to run micro-grids on ESCO model definitely looks a more sustainable solution for rural electrification”

E-Newsletter | Issue 42
May, 2018

“We are all happy faces these days and we don’t have to look at the load-shedding schedule anymore. Thanks to the effort of the NEA’s entire team for making this happen. But, can we be assured that we won’t face the load-shedding in the future? We don’t have an answer. So, what can NEA and we do together to ensure a load-shedding free Nepal forever and after?” 

E-Newsletter | Issue 41
April, 2018

“Energy demand is estimated to rise to 18,000 MW in the next 20 years. We have great potential in hydro, however, now is also the time to think about diversifying our energy mix to achieve reliable, efficient and lower cost energy supply. “

E-Newsletter | Issue 40
March, 2018



E-Newsletter | Issue 39
February, 2018

Nepal Power Investment Summit 2018 conducted from 27th-29th January 2018.

E-Newsletter | Issue 38
January, 2018